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About Buena Vista

Buena Vista Rural WSC (ID# 2100032) operates with two 20 Hp, 480V deep well pumps, metered and discharginging after gas chlorination, into a 120’x12’ standpipe equipped with an aeriation system. These deep wells are set up to alternate, with the automatic capability of one well keeping up with the supply in case one well happens to be out of service.  Emergency power is supplied by a 50 Kw Katolite generator with an automatic transfer switch located inside the control room.  We have an emergency dialing system set up that monitors low level in standpipe, power outage, high noise alert, generator on/off, and listen in system were the plant can be called and listen for 3-5 min.

BVRWS main plant is located 3.6 miles South of US Hwy 59 on FM 1645. We have a remote well located 1500’ South of the main plant on FM 1645.  Gas disinfection is accomplished with a dual, automatic switchover Hydro chlorinator.  (SCBA is located inside main plant)

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