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About Arlam Concord

Arlam Concord Rural WSC (ID# (2010004) operates with two separate (but with the capability of merging) systems:

(1) Arlam has a 20 Hp, 240V deep well pump, metered and discharging after gas chlorination, one into a 40000 gallon ground storage tank where it is then pumped by 2, 15 Hp service pumps into the dist. system. Emergency power is supplied by a 50 Kw Katolite generator with an automatic transfer switch.

(2) Concord operates with a 20 Hp deep well pump which pumps into a 10000 gal booster tank/station which in turn pumps with 2, 25 HP service pumps into an 8’ x 80’ 30000 gal standpipe.

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